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Sauli Zinovjev's all works are available from Birdsong Music Publishing by HarrisonParrott. For hire materials of the orchestral works please get a quote from Birdsong or from Zinfonia. Chamber music works are available from the Faber Store.

Orchestral Works

  • Taste of Metal, a symphony for a large orchestra (2024), 40′, (3343/4331/1+4/organ/hp/archi) 
    Commissioned by the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra & Orchestre de Paris.

  • an adagio (2022), 10′, (2222/4331/1+2/hp/archi) Watch in YouTube 
    Commissioned and premiered by the Sinfonia Lahti conducted by Anna-Maria Helsing 6.12.2022.

  • Hit & Run (2021), 6′, (3333/4331/1+4/archi)
    Commissioned and premiered by the Bamberger Symfoniker conducted by Jukka-Pekka Saraste 21.10.2023.

  • Wiegenlied (2020), 11′, (3333/4331/1+3/hp/archi) Watch in YouTube
    Commissioned by the Oslo Philharmonic, Gothenburg Symphony and Helsinki Philharmonic orchestras. Premiered by the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Klaus Mäkelä 19.8.2020.


  • Un Grande Sospiro (2018), 22′, (2222/2200/2/archi) Watch in YouTube
    Commissioned by Tapiola Sinfonietta, Kymi Sinfonietta & Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne. Premiered by Tapiola Sinfonietta conducted by Klaus Mäkelä 25.10.2019. 

  • Batteria (2016), 11′, (3333/4331/1+3/pf/hp/archi) Watch in YouTube
    Commissioned by the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE. Premiered by André de Ridder and the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra 1.2.2017. 

  • Recharged (2015/2018), 6′, strings Watch in YouTube
    Premiered by Ostrobothanian Chamber Orchestra conducted by Klaus Mäkelä 13.4.2019.

  • Gryf (2013), 16′, (2222/2210/1perc+timp/archi) Watch in YouTube
    Premiered by Kymi Sinfonietta conducted by Yasuo Shinozaki.


Orchestral Works with Soloist(s)

  • A Savage Beat, Concerto for percussion & orchestra (2024), 35', (3333/4331/1+2/perc solo/str) 
    Commissioned by the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn, Wiener Konzerthaus & Luxemburg Philharmonic. Will be premiered by Vivi Vassileva and the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn conducted by Dirk Kaftan.

  • Double Concerto (2022), 23′, (vl.solo,pf.solo/archi) Watch in YouTube  
    Commissioned by the Tapiola Sinfonietta, Vesterås Sinfonietta and O/Modernt. Premiered by Hugo Ticciati, Simon Crawford-Phillips and Tapiola Sinfonietta conducted by Ryan Bancroft 2.3.2023.

  • Piano concerto (2019), 27′, (2333/4331/1+3/pf.solo/archi) Watch in YouTube
    Commissioned by the Finnish and Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestras. Premiered by Vikingur Olafsson and the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Klaus Mäkelä 7.1.2022.

  • Violin concerto “Der Leiermann” (2017), 25′, (2232/4330/1+1/hp/vl.solo/archi)
    Commissioned by Oulu Sinfonia. Premiered by Pekka Kuusisto & Oulu Symphony Orchestra cond. Johannes Gustavsson 19.10.2017.


Chamber Music Works

  • a love song (2023), 20', vl,vlc,pfc 

       Commissioned by Trio Nikita Boriso-Glebsky, Narek Hakhnazaryan & Georgy Tchaidze​

  • Triple Drive (2021), 11′, versions for cl,vlc,pf & vl,vlc,pf Watch in YouTube
    Commissioned by the Bowery Trio

  • Double Trouble (2021), 11′, vl/vlc Watch in YouTube
    Commissioned by the Tapiola Sinfonietta and premiered by Pekka Kuusisto & Klaus Mäkelä

  • Sospirando 1 “Awake” (2017), 5-7′, 3-4 percussion Watch in YouTube 
    Commissioned by Awake Percussion.

  • Sospirando 2 “Folio” (2018), c.13-17′, vlc+acc (with optional amplification)
    Commissioned by Harri Kuusijärvi.

  • Sospirando 4 (2019), 6′, 2vl/vla/2vlc
    Commissioned by the Turku Music Festival

  • A Due (2016), 7′, flute & guitar
    Premiered by Hanna Juutilainen & Markku Laakso at 5.2.2016 in Sellosali, Espoo.
    Commissioned by the performers with the kind funding of Wihuri fund.

  • Pianoquartet “Chasse-Neige” (2014), 13′, vl/vla/vlc/pf 
    Premiered by Ensemble Recherche

  • Chained (2015), 8′, accordion Watch in YouTube
    Premiered and commissioned by Harri Kuusijärvi with the funding of Madetoja Foundation.

  • Epilogi (2013), 8′, piano
    Premiered by Hanna-Mari Kousa


Vocal Works

  • Mirkka Rekola laulut (2015-18), 10′, sopr/pf
    (M. Rekola, in Finnish)
    Premiered by Tuuli Lindeberg & Minttu Siitonen

Dagens Nyheter on Piano Concerto

“It is an extremely elegant and eventful piece of music that tests both the orchestra’s and the piano’s dynamic boundaries with both pecking treble and thundering bass rumble.”

VL (Vårt Land) on Wiegenlied

“A short masterpiece, a lived soundtrack in just eleven minutes.”

Hufvudstadsbladet on "Die Welt - ein Tor"

“Zinovjev’s music is characterized by an intensity that is unusually strong, here there is also a developed melodic dimension that is almost as rare among colleagues. As for the pitches, Zinovjev in no way shuns the tonality, rather it is as if he was approaching it again. It is crowded with triads, which are often beautifully expanded and as far as the harmonious construction is concerned, you often hear deep undercurrents. In terms of form, Zinovjev’s compositions sometimes seem like amoebas – very flexible and to some extent indefinite.”
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